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When we fix our pets and strays, we prevent pet suffering and homelessness, whole litters at a time!

Unfixed pets fight, get injured and injure other pets, roam away from home with increased likelihood of risks including from traffic, other pets, and humans.

Unfixed pets, both males and females, will often urinate around the environment.

Both dog and cats will even mate with related pets (mother-son, sister-brother), cats sometimes starting as young as 3-4 months of age. Fixing pets is the best way to help all pets.

We help get cats and dogs FIXED (spayed and neutered) and vaccinated.

When fewer pets are born, there will be less competition for the resources pets need to survive and thrive, and everyone wins.

Whether you love or loathe them, no one needs more surplus suffering pets, especially the kitties and pitties.

These two pet groups are the most overpopulated, and therefore they suffer the most.

Stopping the breeding of kitties and pitties then frees up the rescues, the foster and permanent homes to be available to help pets that are already born.

We provide assistance and referrals to affordable spay neuter surgeries for cats and dogs .

*** Even one litter is a tragedy ***